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For sale : 4 Seygus brass Extrem.Razor comes with two heads : closed and open comb.The open shaves is aggressive but on the safe side and the closed comb is close a Timeless 0.68 mm one.

Total weight is 4.4 oz (124 grams) and the total length is 90 mm

Asking 190 dollars per each razor (including shipping CONUS).PayPal only.Thanks for looking.[Image: af36c690695b0d4b0288bf724f6417d6.jpg][Image: a30383b7edf834dbc530843323599c94.jpg][Image: 117f2ac5f52a5ea9023c956f46d1d72f.jpg][Image: f6fa34231d63bc661758bd1be13a25b7.jpg]
Great razors. Love my seygus

Two razors have been sold

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