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For sale the following items 

Prices includes shipping CONUS 

If you want more than one item , I’ll make a discount.

1.Santa María La Novella Tobacco Toscano shaving cream.Got it back in 2019 and used it once.Asking 45 dollars for it 

[Image: JhX2VBV.jpg]

[Image: DC2RSlo.jpg]

2.Art of shaving Bourbon and Olibanum and Pepper shaving creams

Brand new : got them in one of Las Vegas AoS stores in February this year and never used them because I have waaaaay toooo much stuff.

Asking 35 dollars for both

[Image: LYxxdzs.jpg]

[Image: FbiJyyJ.jpg]

3.Phoenix and Beau Volupta and V60 L.E. soaps

Both used twice.Asking 40 dollars for the lot

[Image: Ykffamw.jpg]

[Image: iwsxRvo.jpg]

4.Le Petit Meusien shaving soap with porcelain mug

As good as Martin de Candre or LPL.Ised once.Asking 30 dollars for it

[Image: kLH1K9I.jpg]

[Image: NPwtwa1.jpg]

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All sold , thank you

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