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More clearing of my den
RR Gamechanger 84 w/ Barberpole Handle MSRP $54.99 plus shipping will sell shipped CONUS $50 I have shaved only twice with this razor. SOLD
Simpson Manchurian Tulip 3 Strawberry Handle MSRP aprox $250 plus shipping will sell shipped CONUS $150 Price Drop to $140 This Brush has less than 10 lathers on it and after a few hairs lost with first few lathers it has lost no more hair. SOLD
Gillette 1962 H3 Slim. This razor has a few surface scratches but no brassing and adjust as it should with the extra quarter turn to lock down will ship CONUS $45 Price Drop to $40
[Image: lAAv9LP.jpg][Image: XEPL1Yx.jpg][Image: mdo822I.jpg][Image: 4v831Xn.jpg][Image: HfbRlk0.jpg][Image: hZf9k1r.jpg][Image: PWCECjs.jpg]
Gamechanger sold Pending payment
Game Changer is sold, Simpson and Gillette still available. Thank You
Price drop on Simpson to $140 and Slim to $40
Simpson Tulip 3 SOLD Gillette Slim 1962 H3 in beautiful condition still available

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