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Thinning the heard a touch so I can buy a new straight.
First up is the copper ascension. Great razor just prefer my other copper razor. Used twice and presents as new.$90 shipped Sold

Next are some soaps and a razorock 400, shipping will be $7 regardless of how many you buy.

Razorock 400, barely used-$10
Summer break bell ringer, used twice-$8
Grooming dept tao, about 60%-$7 sold
Tims Greek peach, 95%ish-$7 sold
Declaration grooming unscented 50%-$5
[Image: pZ3eyTD.jpg][Image: IO575p9.jpg][Image: C9flnJ4.jpg][Image: 3h5HENK.jpg][Image: 595VfzD.jpg]
For whatever reason it won't let me edit the post. Tao and Greek peach are sold.
Price for ascension reduced to $95 shipped conus
Make it $90. Still can't edit post
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