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Trying to thin the Den once again.  If you have any questions please send me a PM.  Let's do conus only on this one.  Thanks!

1) SOLD-Homelike Start .90-excellent shape.  Asking $69 shipped
2) SOLD Tatara Nodachi head-only used twice and presents new.  Asking $89 shipped.
3) SOLD-Occam Safety Razor w/ smooth cap and all 3 plates-used each plate twice.  Surprisingly good shaver.  Asking $54 shipped.
4) SOLD-Wild West handle w/Simpson M7 manchurian knot-Asking $59 shipped.  Now $49
5) Heritage C-Mon handle w/Epsilon 1st Gen Silvertip-Asking $59 shipped.  Now $49
6) SOLD-Shavemac 26/50mm 2-band Silvertip used twice-Asking $99 shipped.
7) SOLD-Thater Estremoz Classico excellent shape (sticker still on bottom)-Asking $89 shipped.
8) AP Shave 24mm Gelousy-great shape and wonderful knot (second owner)-, Asking $40 shipped. Now $30
9) SOLD-TDR 26mm Porcelain/Graphite SHD-Asking $69 shipped.
10)SOLD-Heritage 26mm Klenzo SHD Gel, used a few times, slight paint loss/hard to see it though-Asking $49 shipped.  Now $35
11)SOLD-Beaumont 24mm Silvertip, used twice, does show wear on the bottom, nice soft little brush-Asking $29 shipped.

[Image: kKV5y0h.jpg][Image: E2xrBET.jpg]

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Price reductions on remaining items.
Excellent prices here.
New Heritage Handle costs $45 without a knot. $85 with SHD knot.

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