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Have the following for sale that aren't getting much use

Razorock Gamechanger .84-P with Leather Travel Bag - $OLD
Oneblade Core With Stand, Bladebank, and 10 FHS 10 Blades - $25
Seygus Blue Aluminum Razor - $35
Gem 1912 Style Damaskeene SE with 9 Coated Gem Blades - $35
Muhle Silvertip Fibre Black Synthetic 21mm Brush - $23

Prices include Conus Shipping

Will accept trades as well if interested

[Image: shzXRq0.jpg][Image: fOVWmLo.jpg][Image: PZ69B3C.jpg][Image: AOy5cZg.jpg][Image: nLwMj9n.jpg][Image: rgstxn1.jpg][Image: nM9w3yz.jpg][Image: 9RJhsfi.jpg]
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