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[Image: spJWjPf.jpg]Here’s one for the Le Pere Lucien Fans — 
9 LPL shaving soaps in a single lot, some rare/hard to find, as follows:

1 x Apricot 200g, new/unused.  

1 x Apricot 200g,approx., has been lathered 90% remaining.

1 x Rose de Pushkar 200g, unlathered but a tiny sample has been scooped. 98+% remaining

1 x Unscented 200g, new/unused.

1 x Cedre-Patchouli 200g, lathered a couple of times 95+% remaining. 

1 x Oud-Santal Limited Edition 200g, never lathered, small sample has been scooped out. 95+% Remaining. 

1 x Coconut Tau-Ceti 125ml/4.4fl. oz. New/Unused

1 x Coconut Tau-Ceti, 125ml/4.4fl. oz. Has been lathered, approx 85% remains. 

1 x Cologne-Fougere 98g, unlathered but a small sample has been scooped out. Approx 95+% remaining.  

Price for all 9 is $200. which includes shipping in CONUS. 
Price Reduced to $175. shipped CONUS for the lot.

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Now $150.
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I'm completely an idiot and also totally confused.  I don't see this at all:

[Image: Le-Pere-Lucien-Apricot-Artisan-Shaving-S...50x350.jpg]

Or the word 'Abricot' anywhere...
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Top and bottom far left, in the all white containers, is the Apricot. I special ordered these direct from the maker when apricot was a limited edition and had sold out. He sent it to me in these white plastic containers because they were lighter and therefor less expensive shipping cost for me.

I assume he was out of the regular labels at the time, hence the plain label on the top. There is a small label on the back that says “Le Pere Lucien Savon a Raser abricot”

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Thank you! So the unscented is the 2nd from the left bottom row?
'The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.'  - Mark Twain
Yes, that’s correct  Happy2

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Reduced to $130.

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