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The unobtanium Gillette New #44 RFB (56.5 g, 8.2 cm), Made in England for the French market, in the original case with blade holder. The famed Raised Flat Bottom (RFB) short twin i pin with ball end handle, 3-piece razor. Stamped BRITISH PATENT NUMBERS 133963 and 142772-363892, Gillette diamond logo and Importe D’Angleterre on the bottom plate, and BRIT. PATENT NOS. 352975’6’7-363892 on the handle (http://mr-razor.com/Rasierer/The%20NEW/1...20No44.JPG). The geometry of the Gillette New RFB, the blade angle, the balance and the slim profile makes this razor very easy to handle.
The razor is in excellent condition, there are a few ultra-fine scratching on the head. All teeth are straight, the blade gap is even. The case is also in good condition, especially outside.  The original blade holder is also included. Selling only because I use single-edge razors now. Asking $90 now, shipped, CONUS. Additional images at https://imgur.com/a/bhelR.
[Image: n54pj5I.jpg]
[Image: vevr5LD.jpg]
[Image: mYPTg23.jpg]

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Lovely - really nice.
Thanks a million for your kind comment!
Price reduction, now $95, shipped in CONUS
Price reduction, now $95, shipped in CONUS, bump.
FINAL REDUCTION, $90, shipped.

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