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Selling to finance some recent purchases.

Prices include fees and shipping within the US. I will sell international, but will have to charge actual shipping.

I will also consider trading..... I am looking for a Paradigm Ti 1 or a Rocnel DE42.  Big Grin

Thanks for looking!

1) King Cobra Classic from Galco (No Box) - $150 ($209 New) - $125 - SOLD
There are a couple of very small marks on the head from use.

[Image: f7tZpMA.jpg]
[Image: lLh8oL4.jpg]

2) Pils 101NE - $210 - $200

[Image: Rp2CSJ0.jpg]
[Image: KYaHWGl.jpg]
[Image: 2sBrQCu.jpg]

3) Rocnel Sailor Adjustable - $425 - SOLD

[Image: kMHwwco.jpg]
[Image: Yn84D7E.jpg]
[Image: 8BTsxwy.jpg]
[Image: 1R2qXpx.jpg]

4) Wolfman Guerilla - $250 - $225 - SOLD

[Image: DNUUOwV.jpg]
[Image: IuRWXjn.jpg]
[Image: dSn5Mgx.jpg]

5) Tatara Masamune - $265 - SOLD

[Image: x4LFPAL.jpg]
[Image: 4w2HboG.jpg]
[Image: EfreJvs.jpg]

6) Weber ARC - $225 - $215

[Image: onk0h1j.jpg]
[Image: IduPGl5.jpg]

7) ATT SE2 - $125

[Image: LbgPIr7.jpg]

8) Razorock Black Hawk Aluminum V1 - $40

[Image: spECy4C.jpg]

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Wow! Didnt realize those rocnels that expensive. Beautiful pils. Just a gorgeous piece of kit

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Bump with a price update on the King Cobra and Pils and add some razors. Smile
Mike, consider a trade for the Cobra?
BUMP. Smile
Great member, no worries here, good luck with the sale

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Price update on a couple of razors. I will consider trades...just let me know what you have. Smile

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