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Looking to downsize... I just have too much stuff that I can't use often enough.  Probably will regret a couple things, but that's ok...

All prices include shipping.  Add 2% for paypal fees if sending G&S.

First up, Karve D plate with 3.5" handle.  Just didn't click with me.  Only used a couple times - $70 SOLD

[Image: S1gxFbN.jpg]

ATT Calypso S1 Bamboo.  Comes with remaining Feather Pros I have (6 or so?) - $65 Reduced to $60

[Image: RIbYKgD.jpg]

Shavemac 2 Band 24mm Silvertip Beehive.  Really nice knot with gelled tips.  $95

[Image: MDvCtin.jpg]

[Image: ZVZFPnM.jpg]

Paradigm 17-4.  Perfect condition.  $450 SOLD

[Image: gHVdP8M.jpg]
[Image: XfDcV29.jpg]

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Excellent razors you have. GLWTS.
Will trade the Paradigm for a Wolfman WR2 razor... I know there aren't many out there, but at least they are still being made!

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Nice price on the 17-4 should sell qick

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