Almost an old shaver
Southern Appalachia - GA
Three razors for your consideration.  I am the original owner of these razors that I am not reaching for these days.  All three are in pristine condition.

Razorock Mamba - Purchased at $49.99 and for sale at $44.00 shipped CONUS.  This razor saw very limited use

[Image: Cm5muY6.jpg]
[Image: AizfBnh.jpg]
[Image: 7gB6SPi.jpg]

Next, I have a pair of Razorock Hawks - Each were purchased at $24.99 and are offered at $20.00 each.  This black hawk is the original version.  These have been in the den for a year with few shaves.  

[Image: W4g4vAQ.jpg]

[Image: r08kSLU.jpg]

[Image: XvRoMKO.jpg]

[Image: 5lTzAes.jpg]

Payment via PayPal.  Please PM with any questions.


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