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Letting go of some things just not getting used.
All prices include shipping.  CONUS only please.

1) Stirling Razor-brand new, asking $34 SOLD!!!
2) Bufflehead/LPL Lot- Fletcher used 1x, MFP used 4x SOLD!!!
Velvet Ditch? (barbershop scent) used 2x, LPL Apricot
used 2x. Asking $49
3) CRSW/Dr Jon's lot-all items used 2x asking $56 shipped
4) Don Donato Miele, WM Neumann, Passionately Natural
Rootbeer.  All used 1x, asking $39 shipped
5) Misc lot all used 1x (chiseled face is new) Asking $65

I'm headed out of town, should ship Tuesday.
[Image: LRpNwcH.jpg][Image: gMV7KaM.jpg][Image: jZxMkCe.jpg][Image: F8YJzdc.jpg][Image: Fry5UnD.jpg]

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