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Raw Shaving makes my favorite shaving hardware, hands down. I'm so sorry that they didn't continue. That being said, I stocked up on their items. All of these are brand new, never used. The stands are incredible and are IMHO the nicest of any stands out there. These are doubles of what I already use. RS-9 comes with the fancy box. I have extras of the RS-10 and cases. 
i'd prefer to sell but am open to trades for other high end items.
Domestic shipping included. International to pay exact shipping. 

RS-9 stand - $300
RS-4 stand - $300
RS-18 w/12 extra sets of strips - $300
RS-10 w/both plates - $425 SOLD!
RS-77 case embossed cognac - $85
RS-77 case embossed mahogany - $85

[Image: AfzYFsb.jpg]

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Living on the edge
(12-13-2019, 02:34 PM)nachum Wrote: PP f&f or cover all fees. 


You are in breach of BST rules by asking for F&F payment.

Im sure you already know this as you are the dude who raises a ruckus when someone else does it

Maybe you can ask for F&F on facebook but not here..

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Tester28. thanks for pointing that out. i copied and pasted from my facebook listing. i appreciate your help. it's now fixed.

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Some nice stuff in there!!!!!
I sent you a PM

Sydney, Australia.
Do you still have the RS-18 FOR SALE?

Philadelphia, PA
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nachum, I cleaned up the thread. I'm sorry people have to drag down b/s/t threads with negative comments rather than either sending a PM or reporting it so a mod can handle it.


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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
andrewjs18 - you're a wonderful administrator and thanks always for your help!

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