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I'm letting go of some nice items here.  Shipping in the US is included.  International to cover exact shipping.  
Here's what I've got:

[Image: HOaRD6U.jpg]
I absolutely love Raw Shaving products.  All of these, except for the case, are doubles for me.  Also, all are new with box except for the stand.

RS-77 razor case - NIB - $80 SOLD!
RS-18 razor - NIB with extra lube strips.  There are enough here for 3 years and that's if you use this razor every day.  $325
RS-10 razor - NIB with extra plate - $425 SOLD!
RS - 7 2 razor stand, lightly used, no box.  This thing is a beast and is like a piece of furniture.  I don't need 3!  $175 SOLD!

[Image: WMLq0fI.jpg]
Varlet Ranger Alpine White 24mm - $240 SOLD!
SV brush - listed as 26mm but measures at 28mm - $170

[Image: RFMs6IP.jpg]
Wolf Whiskers copper 28mm - $85 SOLD!
Wolf Whiskers red/yellow swirl 28mm - $85 SOLD!
Declaration B3 Sandstone Ebonite 28mm - $235 SOLD!

I only have 1 WW box.  First brush to sell gets the box.

I am open to trades for:
075 razor
Black Eagle
unobtanium software

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2 sold!
What badger knots are in the Wolf Whiskers brushes?
not sure which knots are in the ww brushes. it's whatever peter put in them.

Peachtree City, GA
b3 is gorgeous
Just an old slow fat man
Just the SV brush and RS-18 razor remain. I'm open to trades!

i could not believe RS-18 stay here that long only for $325.
Amazing price.

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