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Some new in box Raw Shaving leather razor cases and some nice synthetic brushes for sale.
Shipping is a flat $5 in the US.  International to cover exact shipping. 

[Image: 4Ndp5Sp.jpg][Image: f1pzThI.jpg]

When these were available they were $225.  You will not find a nicer travel case for a razor.  $95 each  ALL 3 SALE PENDING

[Image: VDUwuF3.jpg]

Wild West w/medallion - $30
Turn n Shave w/medallion - $30
Turn n Shave w/medallion - $30
Turn n Shave pre medallion - $25

[Image: Gt4ENrb.jpg]

Paragon - $20
Leo Frilot - $25
Rick Montalvo - $25
AP Shave - $10
Parker - $10

[Image: ZhUpoBm.jpg]

Tony Forsyth - $35
Tony Forsyth - $35
Grizzly Bay - $35
Dogwood - $30  SALE PENDING
(Montalvo ended up in 2 pics!)

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all 3 cases and the dogwood brush are sold. all other brushes available.

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can you send me additional images of the first and 3rd brush in the last picture i believe it would be the tony forsyth and grizzly bay as well as the wild west....also interested in knowing the knot size
Deuce428 - send me a message with your email or cell number and i'll send you more pics

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Which of the brushes are more stiff/firm? I'd like to get another synth brush, but I am looking for something fairly firm. 24mm would be desired.
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