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Need to clear out some items to fund some other “wants”.  All prices include shipping CONUS, PayPal only and sorry, but no international shipping at this time.  

Also, I’m open to trades but don’t have anything particular in mind.  Make me an offer and we’ll see where it goes.  Thanks for looking!

1. Edwin Jagger DE89LBL - $18  $16 - Sold
2. Parker 99R - $18  $16
3. RazoRock SS Mamba (used 2x - comes with original packaging – just too mild for me) - $55  $50 - SOLD
4. Gillette Slim Adjustable - $35  $32


[Image: bVLgRnY.jpg]

[Image: 31vuJU8.jpg]

[Image: GWUhR85.jpg]

Parker 99R:

[Image: aIyx5i4.jpg]

[Image: ErSPgUh.jpg]

Gillette Slim Adjustable I3:

[Image: 9PDXDlB.jpg]

[Image: OUrTSjL.jpg]

[Image: XEAW1Eu.jpg]
Bump with price drops
i'm interested in the parker 99r
(12-12-2017, 05:18 PM)saxophonist56 Wrote: i'm interested in the parker 99r

PM sent...thanks
If you are open to shipping to Canada I would take the RR Mamba off your hands, if you still have it. I will pay for shipping too as I like to have tracking on all my packages.

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Is the Mamba still for sale

It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
PM sent....

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