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Offering here three beautiful brushes that were barely used. Two 26mm Paladins and a 24mm all-Lee M&F Finest Victorian style. The Paladins (Falstaff and PK-47) retail $160 each. I changed the letters color on the Falstaff) The M&F cost me $200.

My prices are:

Each Paladin for $135 delivered CONUS
  Falstaff Tigris Perla SOLD
  Indigo PK-47 SOLD

M&F $170 $145 delivered CONUS.

Please send me a PM if interested.

Happy New Year!

[Image: hZlaOY1.jpg]

[Image: NIDSCti.jpg]

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Falstaff Tigris Perla is SOLD PENDING FUNDS.
Beautiful offerings

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Pm sent on the PK47

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The PK-47 is under negotiation. I received a few messages from the fellow DFShavers about this brush and as soon as I hear from the member who reached out to me first, I will update the thread. Thank you for your patience!
Falstaff Tigris Perla SOLD
Here is the wet M&F knot

[Image: So9ljYM.jpg]
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Indigo PK 47 is SOLD!
(12-30-2018, 06:09 AM)Niro884 Wrote: Beautiful offerings

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Thank you! The all-Lee M&F is still available. In the spirit of the Holidays, I am lowering the price to $155 Delivered CONUS.
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