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This is a very old vintage French Plisson shaving brush with a pristine horn handle. The handle is in excellent condition, no chips, cracks, repairs, scratches, etc. The brush dates from approximately 40+ years ago. The handle has pentagonal curved surfaces all the way around it.

This is a large (size 18 as determined by Plisson) badger shaving brush with very soft high mountain white HMW hair. As shown in the photos, there is a discolored area on the back side of the hair which does not affect the function of the brush. I have used it for shaving several times and it is one of the softest and best performing of the legendary Plisson shaving brushes from mid-century France.

This one has the soft white badger hair found in top-of-the-line vintage shaving brushes.
This brush is highly collectable. Plisson does not make them like this anymore.

The measurements are:
Knot (hair) base: 27.2mm
Knot loft: 62.4mm
Width of the knot - dry bloom: 67.3mm
Handle width at widest point: 45.6mm
Handle height: 66.5mm

[Image: RklYMEu.jpg]
[Image: eS7c7Kk.jpg]
[Image: gMqyiLz.jpg]
[Image: rlyBN6t.jpg]
[Image: oCx3ECh.jpg]
[Image: 2nu5NNL.jpg]
[Image: LnQttKt.jpg]
[Image: YVZ61NC.jpg]

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Luxurious brush! doesn’t get better than this.
Price Drop - $365
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