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Over the last few years, my razor collection has gotten out of hand.  As such, I'm trying to reduce it down.  Each listed price includes shipping with tracking in CONUS.  If additional pictures are needed, please let me know.  All razors are in very good to excellent condition, unless otherwise noted in the description.

1.  King Cobra with UFO handle - $275  $265.  Retail is $227 for razor and $125 for the handle. I will include the certificate with the UFO handle and the original handle as well.
[Image: c6d6S73.jpg]
[Image: Qyoph59.jpg]

2. SOLD - Bob's Razor Works Progress - $115.  Bob was one of the first artisans who made custom handles and modifications to razors.  His work was excellent but I just need to move on some of the ones that I'm not frequently using.  

3) SOLD - Gillette 77/88 - $125 -Replated in nickel.  It is an excellent shaver.  The razors comes with the case.  

4) TRADED - PILS with Triad OSS handle - $175  $165.  Razor was $275 from Royalshave and handle was $85 from Triad.  Triad custom modified an OSS handle to convert this razor into a 3 piece.  I much prefer this over the original handle as I feel there is better balance between the head and this handle. There is a scratch on the bottom of the base plate (pictured in last photo) which came from my attempt to remove the part inside the head.  The razor price reflects that.   I will include the original handle and part.
[Image: MYeU6c7.jpg]
[Image: CbEE8xm.jpg]
[Image: ht0zfmh.jpg]

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