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Pick any 2 of the following 3...

Dubl Duck Wonderedge
Dubl Duck Goldedge
Boker Elite w/ carbon fiber scales

Dubl Ducks sold, will sell Boker for $90 CONUS

All 3 have been honed on my Escher. There are slight water marks on the Wonderedge and Elite (I tried to show in the last 2 pics), which is very odd as they have been meticulously coated with Ballistol.

Please PM me if interested or if you'd like additional pics.   I'm moving across the country in 2 weeks, so just making some room. I also have some nice brushes that I may sell as well

[Image: uKxq5Zz.jpg]
[Image: u2SiEee.jpg]
[Image: tvNPKVB.jpg]
[Image: qsD5BAo.jpg]
Price dropped to 2 razors for $200
DD's sold, will sell Boker for $90 CONUS

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