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Selling off two fantastic marble brushes today.

1) Paladin Chief in butterscotch marble with 2CLND3 select bulb knot. This is brush 001, the first Butterscotch Marble Chief with Select knot. I️ think 2CLND3 will go down as one of the legendary Paladin knots. Nice gently curled tips and good backbone make for an awesome brush. Impeccable Paladin handle craftsmanship. I’m the first owner. Used maybe 10 times. $195 shipped CONUS.

2) Simpson Duke 3 Manchurian with Italian Marble handle. 2nd owner. Used once by me and five times by previous owner.  $195 shipped CONUS.

Purchase both for $365.

[Image: 6e676e20497d33fd639f0782145b5958.jpg]

[Image: c662f476b0217ca48f216bb71c537d7c.jpg]

[Image: f6aadf6e04f3f9eb231bb5c376264d26.jpg]

[Image: bff492ea7d4937bb6eacc533ef1ead7d.jpg]

[Image: 1b28443ca7aba034bcc95d961abc4abf.jpg]

[Image: 78ff9ca3bb246fda903d034b0f1e136c.jpg]

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Morning bump.
These are beautiful brushes. If it wasn’t for Christmas and a few other things I’d be buying both. I’ve always wanted a Paladin and of course the Duke 3 is my favorite handle ever made. GLWTS

Is the Chief a 26mm or 28mm?
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It is a 26mm. Sorry, should have stated that in the posting.

Beautiful Brushes! I’m curious what your reasoning is for asking $30 more for the Paladin than when it is brand new? I’m not sure what I’m missing. Thanks!
Fair question. The 2CLND3 knot is simply outstanding; in my opinion it may be the best Paladin knot to date. I have several of these knots and quite a few other Paladins and without doubt, the 2CL knots are the top three brushes in my den. This is a special knot, and I think it will go down in history like the Rooney Heritage knots. Further, this is a first edition 26mm Butterscotch Marble Chief. If the selling price is retail price then I'd rather keep it. I'm hoping there's somebody else out there that has a similar appreciation for the 2CL knots and likes this handle.
Chief has found a new home. Duke Manchu is still available.
Bump for the Manchurian Duke

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