This brush speaks for itself. White lettering on the cobalt handle really stands out. Only one I've seen with the white lettering. Retail 230 plus 8.50 shipping.. 210 to your door . Firm on this one. This is one nice knot only used a handful of times. [Image: 7shemzr.jpg]
I love the white lettering on that, beautiful brush.
Is the Buck Rodgers similar to a Duke 3 as far as handle shape?
Not close in terms of shape , perhaps size. More like the keyhole really.

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Interested in a trade for a like new Simpson 58 Manchurian in faux black marble?
Any pics ?
I lost my account info and had to log in as a new user. I don't think I can post pictures. I can't even read the PM that I can see in my in box. Can you PM me on the Shave Nook? I am NJDJ.
Every time I open one of your BST ads I see another cobalt Paladin and I'm thankful there's not a "Buy Now" button. Beautiful brush. If you don't sell and all deals fall through, I may have a Chubby 2 Manchurian in Ivory we can work something out on if interested.

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I sent you a pm with the picture on the Shave Nook.

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