Rex Envoy DE Razor & Barbershop Soap DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

Add $4 CONUS for any/all. Possible discounts for multiple items. 
Simpson CH2 Manchurian butterscotch - $275
Paladin Lotus 26mm Graphite E5 (gel tips, great knot) - $150 
Storybook Chasing Sunsets LE soap (used 1x) - $15
GD Barbershop (each used 2x) - $20/ea
GD Cascade (used 2X) - $20
Oleo splashes - Providence (used 1X) & Caribbean Dream (new) - $15/both
Budget Bundle: Proraso green, RR WTP Lime, RR XXX balm, user grade Tech & Superspeed razors - $20
Would consider trades for B&M Reserve Fern splash, Talbot Gates of the Arctic splash

[Image: IMG-9138.jpg]

[Image: Simpson-CH2-Manchurian.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0068.jpg]

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GD Barbershop is SOLD
GD Cascade is SOLD
CH2 is SPF

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Do you have another gd barbershop
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(07-18-2019, 02:15 PM)Deuce428 Wrote: Do you have another gd barbershop

I don't, sorry.

CH2 is SOLD`
Paladin is SOLD

Take everything still here for $45 shipped CONUS
Storybook sold

Most of bundle sold...


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