Gents, up for sale is OB V1, in mint condition. I am the 1st owner and the razor has been taken well care for. There are no dings, scratches etc either on the razor or on the stand.

Comes with razor holster and a pack of 190 FHS blades.

Purchased new, all the above items would cost you 630 USD. ( OB Genesis 399$, Razor holster 40$, FHS blades 190 $).

Yours for 370$ with registered and tracked delivery. Includes shipping & PayPal fee.

Thanks for looking.
[Image: 733c95601517f1373f3eb4c5719623a1.jpg][Image: 2cbe3fa463ce74c84b6b2e64d54038b5.jpg]

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360$ now. This is the one & only drop. Wonderful shaver it is.

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Still available.

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