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Package includes :

OB leather case, Razor + stand, razor holster, 170 FHS blades.

Razor has minor scratches visible only from an angle. Doesn't affect shipping in anyway.

360 usd shipped. Includes PayPal fee.

Pictures attached.
[Image: fced96b0ff9422f551eb7836e35b95df.jpg]

[Image: 03140be1d360472264bc67dc06f8eb7f.jpg]
[Image: d392ada6081809df5bffe0cb6ed07817.jpg]
[Image: 9342ddcd11ae5b392366fae1f858faaf.jpg]
[Image: 6fa84a09a2c8d0cf47fdd1203b8a4b18.jpg]
[Image: 503b22f98081312bca44393ed37c863c.jpg]

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Reduced to 325 shipped. Last and only drop. Thanks

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