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I am razor "heavy" and cleaning out the box. All pymts. via Paypal and no "Friends & Family" shenanigans nor int'l shipping. Photos are not great as I have a crappy cell phone, but descriptions are spot on and I haven't cheated anyone yet. All sold "as is" and no returns nor "Mulligans". Buyer pays Paypal fees and S&H. Here is a link to the Paypal fee calculator:  If you want something bad and want to haggle please PM me to at least hear you out. 

First up, Gillette "Fatboy" D4 in mediocre cosmetic shape with some plating loss and feckling on silo doors, but works perfectly and has the last "quarter turn".  $50 + $5.00 S & H and Paypal fees. 

[Image: O7E831P.jpg]

[Image: Ovtyw0q.jpg]

Next up is a Gillette Made in England cased "Flat Bottom" Tech "Thin Handle" in excellent condition. $70 + $5.00 S&H + PP fees. 

[Image: ZOQvw5v.jpg]
[Image: oxbiySs.jpg]

[Image: cNsfxOy.jpg]

Schick M Adjustable that works perfectly. Only has some plating missing in spots on head. Shaves like a dream. Priced to go at $30 + S&H + PP fees.

[Image: PeIW4Z3.jpg][Image: Mo34aDW.jpg]

Rare Schick Krona ALL PLASTIC model that was the "swan song" for Schick DE razor prod. in North America. Rare & in mint condition. $40 + S&H + PP fees:

[Image: dQ6MT4S.jpg]
[Image: KIfXd3n.jpg]

Schick J1 Model Injector razor in mint condition. $20 + $5.00 S&H + PP fees:

[Image: OtgMZ5R.jpg]
[Image: 47QyUVl.jpg]

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