Two great adjustable razors, but just moving away from adjustables:

North Shore Razors Shortened Variant

This razor is in VG condition and has been thoroughly rinsed after every shave. It has been specially modified by NSR by shortening it to about the length of a regular Progress. Black and gold color scheme with red numbers. Razor zeros okay when loaded. $120 + $5 shipping.

[Image: wbiXo8l.jpg]
[Image: VfzIk1R.jpg]
[Image: zb1CE1D.jpg]

Vikings Blade Emperor Augustus

This razor is practically brand new and I have shaved with it less than a dozen times. I find it slightly too large for me and TTO mechanisms are not my favorite. Excellent shaver. $50 + $5 shipping.

[Image: INmyh1y.jpg]
[Image: zHrvSEg.jpg]
[Image: 2ZWXjPV.jpg]

Send me a PM for any questions.

CONUS only shipping. PayPal only.
Price drop on the Variant. Now $110 + free shipping.

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