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So I and SO ordered 2 pair of these simultaneously.  Paid 230.  These are pretty spectacular.  By far best true wireless ANC IEMs used and unlike Sennheiser Momentum 2 or Sony WF-1000XM3 won't fall out if active nor will they fail if exposed to heavy rain/sweat/submerged - M&D MW07Plus are IP-X5 vs other brands IP-X4.  These include 5 sizes of ear covers and 3 sizes of fit wings - it is critical to select the right size but once executed the ANC is as good as the other 2 and the sound truer from an audiophile perspective.  Seeking what we paid and will ship ConUS for 230, internationally at cost.  Retail is $300

[Image: BMK3Hyw.jpg]

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These are amazing ear buds. I have the “Go” version of these. Audiophile ear candy...

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