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*EDITED* - Willing to sell the mamba separately...

Hey guys  - looking to sell my new, unopened Mamba...

Pick and choose!

Mamba (New and unopened) = $50 + shipping

Also for sale:
Charcoal Goods razor (standard head, steel, hammered handle) = $90
Simpson Commodore X3 best badger (used a few times)= $65
That Darn Rob brush = $50
Shavecraft Slant razor =$40
Dogwood 'seascape' synth brush (used 3x) = $50
Semogue 610 = $12
Stirling Brush (Used Once)= $12
Omega 6735 badger brush = $65
Tallow and Steel "Morocco" soap and splash (lathered 3 times) = $28 (Canada only, or ship at own risk to USD)


[Image: hiuwvRZ.jpg]
[Image: voPE7Ze.jpg]

That Darn Rob:
[Image: z3xXd3Y.jpg]

Shavecraft Slant:
[Image: YXx6MxB.jpg]

Dogwood seascape:
[Image: 5o9wTrZ.jpg]

Charcoal goods (a little dusty in the picSmile
[Image: 7gA0qEf.jpg]

Semogue 610:
[Image: C8TVAB8.jpg]

[Image: ilj51qw.jpg]

[Image: 2bTGuTA.jpg]

Tallow and Steel:
[Image: 921Ww3C.jpg]

Mamba (New in box):
[Image: GVi3iEC.jpg]
Updated - some prices lowered!

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