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Philadelphia, PA
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Hi all,

This stuff has been collecting dust in my shaving drawer for a while so it's time to move on from it so I can buy new stuff!

I've had these New Forest brushes for quite a while.  New Forest closed up shop in 2015, I believe.  These 2 brushes I have are from his 2010 and 2011 batches!

First up is a USED New Forest 2201 two band superior badger brush.  Some of the logo has rubbed off on the handle and there's a small chip at the top of the handle.  This brush could use a good cleaning!  $70 shipped CONUS.

Specs of the brush from the NF site: knot 22mm, loft 50mm, handle 50mm


[Image: zDp5sjA.jpg]

[Image: lPdt2YY.jpg]

[Image: 3Byy0Vz.jpg]

[Image: tVgwd6P.jpg]

[Image: dakq74V.jpg]

USED New Forest 2211 finest silvertip badger brush.  Brush is in great shape and also could use a good cleaning as it's been sitting in my drawer for a while!  $80 shipped CONUS.

Specs of the brush from the NF site: knot 22mm, loft 48mm, handle 50mm


[Image: kHDrbcH.jpg]

[Image: 0RMHBVf.jpg]

[Image: Sx07pV0.jpg]

[Image: znFv9Am.jpg]

[Image: guijry6.jpg]

USED Colonel The General.  The razor base and top cap has some tea stains from leaving a blade in the razor too long.  I'll try to scrub this clean before shipping the razor.  I honestly forget what I paid for this razor and the site doesn't list this model...  $32 shipped, CONUS.

[Image: iBjWadM.jpg]

[Image: TuFqJmM.jpg]

[Image: MNaD5Wb.jpg]

USED ATT M1 Calypso base plate.   I'm looking to either sell this for $25 shipped or trade it for an H1 Calypso base plate.  

[Image: 6ZedTNL.jpg]

[Image: fkqzdTY.jpg]

NEW schick injector blades.  I have 2 sets of these and will ONLY sell these together to keep shipping costs to a minimum.  $12 shipped.

[Image: 38GnWg5.jpg]


USED Razorock Hawk V1 (I believe).  $17 shipped, CONUS.  SOLD

[Image: 1aOzX0U.jpg]

[Image: Xg5GNpf.jpg]

[Image: jj0YujU.jpg]

USED Feather AS-D2 razor with its original box.  $110 shipped. SOLD

[Image: esctoo6.jpg]

[Image: kpyhZM1.jpg]

[Image: iuvG4nl.jpg]

[Image: 5Vae2b2.jpg]

[Image: pWrSC1H.jpg]

[Image: CQPOpuZ.jpg]
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
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Seattle, WA (USA)
PM sent on Feather.

Philadelphia, PA
feather & razorock razors are sold.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Philadelphia, PA
few items sold and a few price drops.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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