Rex Envoy DE Razor & Barbershop Soap DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

Just clearing out my den a bit. 

Prices include free shipping CONUS only! 

If you live out of the country I'd be glad get you a price on shipping just need an address.  

If you like an item and want more info or more photos of an item please pm me. 

On the Shave soaps if you want to purchase more than one pm for a bundle price including  shipping. 

Thanks for looking. 

Lot# 1

Charcoal Goods Copper Level 3 SB with Anchor handle. Used only 3 times - $250 Shipped 
Gamechanger OC - Used only once - $75 Shipped 
Feather Artist Club Shavette. Used once - $40 Shipped 
Jurgen Hempel Barberpole SS handle  - $85 Shipped 

Lot# 2 

Eclipse Red Ring - This razor is as brand new and my photos certainly do not do it justice. The Case has a little chip out of the front where it opens that can be seen but other than that it's in good condition inside and out. I had 5 Red Rings and this was the best of the lot and as close to perfect as possible. 
$450 Shipped 

Lot# 3 

Timeless SS DC .95 with stand, case and the paperwork that came with it. In excellent condition. I will also include an extra case if wanted that the barberpole handle came in as I bought it after I sold the Pineapple handle that came with the original set you see. $225 Shipped 


Acqua Di Parma Barbiere Soap & Aftershave set with 90% left in the jar and 95% in the bottle as they were used a few times. Hard to find - $110 Shipped
A&E SoCal Hipster Soap & Aftershave set - Used twice - $32 Shipped
WK Rose Concerto - Used only twice $20 Shipped 
Grooming Dept Angel Shave soap - a little more than half full - $18 Shipped 
RR Emperor Shave soap & Aftershave. Soap unused & aftershave used twice - $22 Shipped 
AOS Full unscented Pre shave oil, Travel size Sandalwood Pre shave oil and Aftershave Balm used once - $22 shipped 


DG Pure Lavender - Used 3 times - $20 Shipped
DG Forth and Pine - Used once - $20 Shipped 
Eleven Lime & Basil - Used once - $16 Shipped 
Stirling Island Man - soap & aftershave set 85% full - $18 Shipped 
Stirling Coconut Lime soap & aftershave set 85% full - $18 Shipped
AOS Ocean Pre shave gel & aftershave Balm 85% full - $24 Shipped
RR soap & aftershave set Floid duplicate. Soap used once and 75% splash left - $16 Shipped
Blades Grim Smolder Shave soap used once - $14 Shipped 
RR Stallion 85% full - $12 Shipped 
Oleo Pucker aftershave splash - $8.00 Shipped 
Shannons shave soap Pineapple Banana - $10 Shipped 
Lot# 6 

SV Fern aftershave and shave soap - Soap was put in a different container as you see as metal tin had some rusting. 85% full - $25 shipped 
SV Manna Di Sicilia shave soap & aftershave set - used 1 or 2 times ( aftershave not shown in photo as I put in an extra bottle of Dolomiti by accident - $32 Shipped
SV Dolomiti aftershave splash brand new in the box still sealed - $25 Shipped 
Asylum Flying Mango shave soap used once - $22 Shipped 
SV 70th Anniversary shave soap 90% full and aftershave lotion/splash used only once - $38 Shipped 
B&M Reserve Lavender aftershave splash 90% full - $18 shipped 
Catie's Bubbles Limited edition in Blue black glass containers hard to find 3 22 shave soap, aftershave and EDP cologne Never used - NYC Show price $125 - $80 Shipped

Lot # 7 

Vintage Shaving stand & Brush which is new and never used - $28 Shipped
Both Vintage Shaving mug/Scuttle $26 Shipped 
Dirty Bird large shaving bowl - $28 Shipped 
Dirty Bird Small shaving bowl - $22 Shipped 
AOS Brush - SOLD! 

[Image: fS0a6kS.jpg]

[Image: PpFWjC7.jpg]

[Image: gOF7Sm3.jpg]

[Image: gKzWlL9.jpg]

[Image: nsEWdjo.jpg][Image: fx7iEwd.jpg][Image: eHtjRkD.jpg]

[Image: znqQJbl.jpg]

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That Red Ring looks amazing. I am drooling. GLWTS.
(08-06-2019, 06:42 PM)primotenore Wrote: That Red Ring looks amazing. I am drooling. GLWTS.

Thank you! It’s a beauty!

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WK Rose Concerto Sold
SV 70th set Sold
Feather Artist Club - Sale Pending
DG Lavender - Sold
DG 4th & Pine - Sold
Jurgen Hempel handle - Sold
Charcoal Goods Level 3 Copper - SOLD

Grooming Dept Angel shave soap- SOLD
Timeless SS .95 DC and Feather Artist club sold

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