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Prices all include shipping CONUS only. 

Mammoth restore set, new. $50

DG Tribute, used 1 time so >95%. The scent is nice and sweet, but I just don't find myself reaching for it much. $40 new asking $35

A&E The Undersea, used 1 time so >95%. Same as before, the scent is pleasant but I don't reach for it often. $46 new asking $40

Sets I would trade for:

ZM Navigator set

A&E Peach and Cognac set

HSSC Green door set

DG Nightman set

Another Mammoth set 

Zingari the Watchman set

The list is ever growing. If you have a set of similar value, shoot me a message. I may be interested.
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Updated to selling!
Mammoth set back available
PM sent for lot buy

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