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Selling this M&F 2XL For $160 + shipping. it’s been used 3x total. I just got it and the handle is just too small for my liking. Knot have never shed once. Tips are very soft, backbone is firm but splays out nicely when lathered.
Knot: 2 band Finest Badger 28mm
Handle: 40mm tall custom Brad sears

Pm me if you need any further details[Image: 43b3c6cfbbcde191617b39b40946b357.jpg][Image: c3cd2697e004bfab02bd57dc02453f56.jpg][Image: 5adbe9748466cd421f9add865b02c015.jpg][Image: 8292081d80bf2969d9292df48437e8c5.jpg][Image: 0259d3eb7104d6d0688d76c2c688a8b0.jpg]

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Please bump! Product is still available

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That a beautiful brush

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(Yesterday, 12:45 AM)DanLaw Wrote: That a beautiful brush

It certainly is! A steal for a price too!

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