Color changing brush - black to red. Lowborn supply thermochromic 'Blood Shift' brush.
26mm White Manchurian Fan knot

Note that it takes a decent amount of heat to make the brush change colors. For my pictures, I held it under warm water for about 20 seconds.

$90USD + shipping (about $15 using Canada Post) or willing to trade towards straight razors.
This brush ships from Canada, and there is a pending postal strike that will slow down the shipment if strike happens. Can ship via UPS at added expense.

[Image: f96903N.jpg]

[Image: plShfAr.jpg]

[Image: jZMcLR0.jpg]

Here's his instagram post when he made it:
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What kind of straights are you interested in?
I'm definitely looking for mint condition Koraat's.
Also looking for Red Injun's, or alternately, anything else that's a little bit unusual. Obviously willing to add cash to the mix!
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