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My den is exploding.  I love all of the listed but I need to slim down.  
Shipping is $5 for one item, free if you buy more than one.  International to cover exact shipping.  

[Image: ELtWboY.jpg]

Charcoal Goods razor with level 1 dual comb plate - $170
ATT R2 razor - $60 SOLD!
Blackland Blackbird - $110 SOLD!
Yates Precision Manufacturing razor with both plates - $120
Homelyke polished razor with all 4 plates - $150 SOLD!

[Image: Gnliop4.jpg]

Declaration Brushes:
C&R titanium B6 28mm - $300 SOLD!
Mozingo red declaration B4 26mm - $165
Wild West black/mixed colors Declaration B6 26mm - $175
Dogwood beehive declaration B4 26mm - $150
Wild West black/silver Declaration B7 26mm - $175
b8 28 mm mozingo green and purple - $180 SOLD!
Hucklaration Disco B3 24mm - $145 TRADED!

[Image: iYlziFN.jpg]

Jeff Huck brush with 26mm white knight knot - $40
Thater Pfunf 26mm - $90
Turn n Shave 28mm Big Cypress knot - $80
Sawdust Creations Bullet brush 26mm, actual bullet in the handle - $50
Romera real horn 28mm Manchurian - $90 SOLD!
Romera Mixed Woods 28mm Manchurian - $90 
Elite Razor blue Lapis stone w/Manchurian knot - $90

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i'd prefer to sell but i'm open to trades as well.
Aaahhh ... I should have asked about the Blackbird back then, too. Oh well. GLWTS!

To anyone else, I dealt with nachum recently. Great seller.
one brush sold!

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