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Hey everybody! This process has been just a whirlwind of excitement, and while I hoped things would turn out well I had no idea they would turn out THIS well!

Based on the massive positive feedback from the initial Numbered EOTYB3-Run, and the outpouring of requests for this product to be made available, I have reached an agreement that will allow Brew City Grooming (me) to release this product to the wider SFWS group and shave community as a whole.

Due to production capacity and cost limitations, a maximum of 25 jars will be produced, of which ONLY 5 remain. A further release will be done only if there is enough demand to justify it, but is not likely. Regardless, this will remain a very limited pruvt

Now, about cost and the pre-order process...

*Cost for this run will be $30 per 4oz jar (shipped). This product will be packaged in a heavy-duty premium glass jar with an inner AND an outer lid to offer maximum protection.*

From the time the last order is paid to the time the first package ships is anticipated to be approximately 7-10 days. (I am a brand-new, one man startup. Please bear with me.

Please comment your interest here, I will reach out to you with PayPal info and to maintain an open line of communication for any questions, updates, and to send your tracking number.

Feedback has ALL been stellar, and premium ingredients were chosen to provide a luxurious feel and permanent bbd

*image is of the prototype release, does not necessarily show the final label design or packaging.*

*Will Contain tree nut oil (walnut)*

[Image: C3edObJ.jpg]

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