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WhollyKaw Donkey Milk Tempest Soap/AS - $40.00
**Used Once

[Image: VRfyn6o.jpg]

WhollyKaw Donkey Milk Monaco Royale Soap - $15.00
**Used Once

[Image: bdhyT0C.jpg]

WhollyKaw Donkey Milk La Fougere Parfaite Soap - $20.00
**Used Once

[Image: ftWNsVJ.jpg]

Barister And Mann Leviathan Soap - SOLD
**Used Once

[Image: vDIOGB6.jpg]

Mike's Natural Lavandin & Eucalyptus - SOLD
**Used Once

[Image: qzzhDJf.jpg]
Just to confirm, do your prices include CONUS shipping? Thanks.
No. Unless I can move a few together.

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I think you should say exactly what the shipping costs are.
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I believe shipping will be $4-5.00. Thanks for looking.
Mike's Natural Lavandin & Eucalyptus is sold. Thank you to the buyer and DFS!

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Barister And Mann Leviathan Soap - Sold - Thank you to the buyer and DFS.
Remaining item prices include shipping.

WhollyKaw Tempest
WhollyKaw Monaco Royale
WhollyKaw La Fougere Parfaite

I also have a WhollyKaw Man from Mayfair DM, used Once, $15

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