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Prices in CAD including shipping in Canada.

ABC - Antica Barbieria Colla Almond Oil hard shaving soap x2 (new unused): $95 for 2 or $50 for 1

Boellis Panama 1924 soft soap x1 (new unused): $60

Razorock Mudder Focker x2 / SMdF (new unused): $40
I also have new bottles of the matching splash if you need the aftershaves to go with the soaps.

Supply Injector with all 3 base plates: $100

Folsom Shambala new $20 add on

[Image: NQosNW3.jpg]

[Image: sNBmY0y.jpg]

[Image: VweKp2o.jpg]

[Image: kYYfXNy.jpg]

[Image: qMNnSgp.jpg]
Supply Injector with all 3 base plates: $100
Also found a new bottle of Folsom Shambala.

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