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Hi gents,

For sale is the beautiful Joe Edson Suminagashi 1/4 hollow, 6/8, hand forget Takefu white core, which I won at a charity auction. 

The razor is in pristine condition, has been used only a few times.
Price 510$ including PayPal fees and worldwide shipping.

If you have any questions shoot me PM.

[Image: tGhPMMG.jpg]

[Image: QEQwbEM.jpg]

[Image: tLBqP42.jpg]

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I’m sure it was not an easy decision to sell a Joe Edson custom. I know it would be very hard if not impossible to sell mine. I like it that much. It’s a functional piece of art. He’s in his own category of straight razor artisans in my opinion. Tim Zowada makes amazing razors but he doesn’t attempt full hollows. Joe is out on an island by himself. I’m not saying he’s better, same goes for Cedric Christ, just saying he’s doing his own phenomenal take on a straight razor that is a must have if you are a serious (lunatic) collector. Originally I went with a Brute de Forge finish and sent it back as fast as it came to me. It scratched the bejeezus out of my Kanayama “3” strop. I told Joe I love the look of this razor but I love my strop hand made by Naomi San more. He made me another. It is even better than the first. An absolutely fantastic razor and a gentleman to deal with. Amazing attention to detail this guy. Good luck with your sale and I hope better times come your way. Cheers!


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Thank you, Royce.

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