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I haven’t, but I suppose that you could shave with it.  Wink  My 3 month old handmade Yoshikane SKD Nashiji Gyuto is for sale.  I am changing things up in the kitchen.  The knife has seen only very light home cook use.  Never sharpened (hasn’t needed it) and in perfect condition.  The blade is 211mm long and 46mm tall.  It has the beautiful Nashiji finish, which means pear skin.  The handle is a custom striped ebony and horn from Suji Cutlery and installed by him. Comes with presentation box.   I purchased the knife for $390.  I will sell it for $299 shipped in the USA.  Could make someone a nice Christmas present.

[Image: DXpnLMD.jpg][Image: RYtSEOu.jpg][Image: uCCMWtN.jpg][Image: 8utXl4D.jpg][Image: CkKoj2m.jpg][Image: lYSu3ax.jpg][Image: lmcAWVj.jpg]

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GLWS. This is a phenomenal knife. I have a 240 Kiritsuke.

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You're going to regret selling this knife, so Just Don't Do It!!! My Murray Carter 210mm gyuto is my #1 daily knife. I have two longer knives when needed but 210mm covers most of my cutting tasks.

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I also might consider trades for high end shaving stuff. I am partial to Declaration Washington brushes from B1-B6.

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No shavers interested in an awesome chef’s knife? Maybe I need to move this listing to the kitchen knife forum.

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I’ve send you an email inquiring about some info…

But I said to myself that I already own 7 J-knives and that I have to calm down on buying more…

Otherwise I would have bought it cause I know it’s a great one.

You might have a bette chance on kitchen knives forum for sure…

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We talked a while back about my B3 Washo 24mm. I'd trade you that + some cash to even out the deal if you are interested.

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