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Two premium brushes with excellent knots here on offer today.

[Image: 3IvvnLp.jpg]

1) Ivory 27mm Morris & Forndran 2XL
- handle and knot by Lee Sabini
- lovely dense plush knot with gel tips
- 160 shipped CONUS/Canada

[Image: pzf004q.jpg]
[Image: yDdQNNp.jpg]
[Image: jiv5Wo0.jpg]

2) 26mm Paladin El Dorado malachite
- 2CSLE4 knot code
- dense w/very good backbone and lovely hooked tips

[Image: DKN8Z3h.jpg]
[Image: i6q76s4.jpg]
[Image: ta3zS9b.jpg]

PM if interested.

Thx for looking!

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Orlando, Fl
Pm sent on the paladin!

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The Paladin is Sold Pending Funds.
The Paladin has SOLD. Price drop on the M&F.

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