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Nashville, TN
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Gents,  I have the following razors for sale.  Included is one pic of each. I have plenty of pics of each of them in this Flicker folder:

Charcoal Goods Brass Razor. SOLD


Used to cost $225 - Razor w/ hammered handle, no longer made

Used to cost $ 90- Magnum Hammered Handle

$300 delivered US for razor and both handles.  This razor and handle are in perfect new condition.  Original packaging included. $6 towards Int’l shipping.

$240 - Razor with Hammered handle, including original packaging.   $6 towards Int’l shipping.

$250 - Razor with Magnum Hammered handle, including original packaging.   $6 towards Int’l shipping.

[Image: 50342963158_4d70cfe9b8_z.jpg]CG 6 by Pete Hendrix, on Flickr

Titanium Timeless .95

Costs $240 New

$180 including US shipping and PP fee.  $6 towards Int’l shipping.

This razor is in perfect new condition.  Includes original packaging.  

[Image: 50343798872_51be509402_z.jpg]Timeless Titanium Point95 3 by Pete Hendrix, on Flickr

Supply Co Stainless Steel Razor in Matte Black

MSRP- Not available, they no longer make stainless razors in matte black.

$110 Delivered, Perfect new condition, includes original packaging, medium and aggressive plates as well as a pack of blades.

[Image: 50342953998_f5d2b9da1b_z.jpg]Supply Co 2 by Pete Hendrix, on Flickr

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I'm interested in the magnum handle if the person who buys the razor prefers the hammered handle.
Interested in the black razor if still available 

What level is the CG razor base plate?
Sean, Upstate N.Y.
From the Flicker folder it is a level 2

Nashville, TN
Derek,  The black Supply Co razor is available.  I also sent you a pm.

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