Hello DFS!

Available are 2 very special brushes. I have gravitated toward larger knots recently, and as such, these 2 have fallen out of my rotation and would like them to go to proper homes.

24mm Mozingo/Declaration B4 - $200

This brush is in a beautiful bronze resin with a soft and dense 24mm knot.

26mm Brad Sears Wanderer - $160

Lovely example of the highly praised 2 band select fan. This was from the first batch that garnered much praise among brush heads. Lovely soft knot. Excellent flow through and lather release. Was my travel brush and as such only has maybe 10 uses on it.

Prices include CONUS shipping and all associated PayPal fees. International available at buyers risk and request. Actual shipping fees to be added as needed.

Thanks again!

[Image: b65ddaa7af945cd4ec6944d815b2ff1d.jpg][Image: a7f1ea5ab877a7a551e6827eebe90204.jpg][Image: a866cfebc56840ffacf4687d26eb75c4.jpg][Image: d5fdb709c805a9729737f95437671bb8.jpg][Image: 505e6bb917e4619317e0c29a9156716a.jpg][Image: d74eff45129ba7a09dd8381c656379e3.jpg][Image: 5364375af32a0bc2cd549979784d4fd3.jpg]

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Beautiful brushes!

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Mozingo SOLD!

Thank you buyer and DFS
Brad Sears select fan STILL AVAILABLE!!!

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