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Selling my butterscotch m&f 28mm blonde, classic Lee sabini 2xl.
Some of the printing around on the  back of the brush has faded slightly.

Looking for £140 which includes UK delivery.
Now £130 which includes PayPal fees.
For eu add £5
Rest of the world at £8[Image: zYKK69L.jpg][Image: SE5x0Pk.jpg][Image: V6xkJWJ.jpg][Image: MEXxYaN.jpg][Image: nLNVCqV.jpg][Image: IiG1jzl.jpg]
What’s the loft if you don’t mind? If I recall correctly Heritage hair came labeled Blonde Badger and was gel tipped. This beauty appears to fit the bill. Is this one still crunchy when dry, gel tipped when wet?


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Yes crunchy when dry and gel when wet, but not over the top gel tipped.
I will check the loft when I get home and upload a couple of pictures.
Trade for a paladin bazooka?

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