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For sale or trade is an aluminum RazoRock Hawk (V1 & used approximately ten times) and Artist Club blades.

I purchased the blades on Ebay and don’t know exactly how many are left.  There are blades in the “used blade” compartment and a couple of them only have 2 or 3 blades in that area.  I believe I’m being very conservative when I say each has at least 75% of the blades remaining.  The blades would be approximately $105 new (based on prices from Maggard Razors) and the Hawk was $25 new for a total new of $130.

Selling the lot for $75 $65 $60 or make me an offer (price includes CONUS shipping and PP fees)

New prices include CONUS shipping & PP fees:

Razor:  $18

Blades:  $45

Lot:  $57

I’m willing to trade (or partial trade) as well and am open to any offers (can add cash or additional gear to even things out).  Some "wish-list" items include:

B&M Lavanille – soap and/or splash
Chatillon Lux – Colbeck
PAA/Razor Emporium – King R Emporium soap and/or splash
Timeless Bronze SB or OC
Ever-Ready Streamline
Karve razor
Rockwell 6S

Thanks for looking!

[Image: exytkQx.jpg]

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Price reduced to $65

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Bump with another price drop to $60 or make me an offer

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Price update - make me an offer for the razor, blades or both

Shave Maharaja
PM sent

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Still available

PM Sent
BARRY--- BBS OR BUST---- Modern Razors Only

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Still available

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