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Clearing out the den...
Shipping is a flat $5.  International to pay exact shipping.

[Image: rOMv888.jpg][Image: zADluTg.jpg]
Declaration B4 24mm in a Milton Shave handle - $165 SOLD!

[Image: QwMko2X.jpg]
Rockwell 6S w/box - $75
Rockwell stand w/box - $20
Razor and stand - $90

[Image: 7rM99JQ.jpg]
Colonial General aluminum - $40
Tibam Titanium handles, 2 90mm are SOLD, 95mm is still available - $35 each

[Image: y1rU9l6.jpg]
Shave Lot - $50 for everything in the pic
Included are:
Q Shave razor
Gillette flair tip
Merkur bakelite razor with case
2 razor cases
2 Classic Shaving brushes
Zenith brush
Piccadilly brush
6S is Rockwell razor and not razorack. GLWTS
thanks! i need to screw my head on straight!
I'm interested in the 2 TiBam handles on the right. How long are they?

PM sent
a few sold, nice things left!

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