Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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Up for grabs are 2 Stainless Windrose handles and 1 Titanium Razorock Halo handle

The Windrose handles are approximately 85mm and the Razorock is 100mm

$69 takes all 3 and I’ll cover shipping

As always, I’ll throw in some free blades too


[Image: 7246740582d489c82a1330fc4af3cbe7.jpg]

[Image: 5b047e06fb872f022428888a3b2eeebe.jpg]

[Image: fa8927bc9a2dbdc1bc28f0bc8b41c47e.jpg]

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Still available
I would also trade these handles for an Elite Razor Brush w/ Manchurian knot.


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