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Hi everyone,

Up for your consideration is a H. L. Thater 4125/2, Two Band Silvertip Shaving Brush, 26mm Fan Knot, Black Handle. I recently bought it, and only used it a hand full of times. I'm asking $130.00 CONUS PayPal, shipping included in price.

I would also be willing to trade for the bulb version.

[Image: MhYTxCN.jpg]

[Image: hn45aQB.jpg]

[Image: Wdh7y4J.jpg]

[Image: Q6GN8EI.jpg]

[Image: TcQAsIH.jpg]

[Image: HAvI13o.jpg]

[Image: LDZ7nts.jpg]
I have the 24mm and love it. Great price for a lovely brush. GLWTS!
I Reduced the price.

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