It's time to let these gems go to new homes.  None have had a brush touch the soap. I strictly scoop and lather in a bowl.  I prefer to sell as lots but will break up if necessary. 
***Will not break up sets of soap/splash/EdT
***I am happy to put any/all items on a scale to verify content weights/amount remaining

Lot 1 (I would love to sell as one lot) $250 Shipped CONUS 
Molten - New
Coattails Redux - New
Both Murphy & McNeil - New
Citric - New
Veritas - New
Nothing used more than 3 times

[Image: TWBB6Ea.jpg]

Lot 2 - $25.00 Shipped CONUS

[Image: SjtUkdV.jpg]

Lot 3 - $70 Shipped CONUS

[Image: TrSUvXU.jpg]

Lot 4 - Wholly Kaw - Pasteur's Alchemy Set $75.00 Shipped CONUS
Used once

[Image: AGONpHg.jpg]

Lot 5 - Tallow & Steel - Dark II Set - $50.00 Shipped CONUS
Used twice

[Image: kJT04xQ.jpg]

BONUS - To the first to buy a lot **(GRATIS) Eufros/Tallow & Steel/PannaCrema samples

[Image: OSu2dB9.jpg]

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