[Image: syhPsr7.jpg]Here are 15 Spoilers that have (or had) 15 blades in each. It’s impossible to tell how many are in each Spoiler; but my guess is that each has anywhere from 10-15. An hour to 2-hour soak in rubbing alcohol will loosen the blades, if necessary.
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These easily go for $1.00/blade and so these are ‘worth’ anywhere from $150-$225 on auction sites.

I have this box too (pictured). Not sure if it originally housed Spoilers, but a neat collector’s item.

Price is $60 shipped CONUS
[Image: zGvmNnv.jpg]Here’s the box...

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Wish had the stones to try a vintage blade....
These are highly-regarded, Dan.  If you research them a bit, your fear should wane.
I used to love them. Good blades

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Would have to try them first. Doubt they will last that long

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SOLD. Thanks DFS.

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